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Hi there ,

I have been working as a ConTactC.A.R.E Practitioner for the last four years.

My introduction to ConTact C.A.R.E was through Camille Nelson who fixed my sciatica issues where no other health professional could.

During that session I realised when pressure is released from the bone, that this not only takes away the pain, it also allows both your emotional and physical well-being to re-establish equilibrium. 

It is through ConTact C.A.R.E's understanding of the balance interplay between the head and the body,- and as we say 'The Head carries the Body and the Body carries the Head'- that my passion grew.

 Helping people release their physical pain also helps them to release the mental pressures associated with the pain.

It is always a pleasure to see a person leave a session feeling lighter, less pressured and pain free. Which is why I furthered my learning and qualified as a Massage Therapist.  This means I can tailor massage around a ConTactC.A.R.E session, focusing on the muscle groups associated within that session.

This brings not only bone  pressure release but muscle tension release too!  and at the same time supporting the client to feel pain free and  fabulous.

So book a session and find out how working away from pain makes ConTactC.A.R.E

'The Difference that makes The Difference'.

'Release the Pressure, Realise your Potential'

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Rita Miller

Motueka ConTact C.A.R.E


'The Little Shop' 

96 High St

Motueka, Nelson and Bays.

mobile: 027 361 7477


Camille Nelson- Motueka Clinic

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mobile: 021 265 9423


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